Learn More about Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been known for thousands of years, but is Virgin coconut oil or more commonly known as VCO, was the same coconut oil that already known? The answer is, DIFFERENT. Pure coconut oil is processed from fresh coconut meat and extracted into coconut oil without any mixture of ingredients (no chemicals or preservatives). The process does not go through a heating process but uses a special technique called cold-pressed. Because the composition of virgin coconut oil is 100% pure coconut oil without any other additives, VCO has ingredients that are beneficial to health. Let’s knowing this “miracle oil” further. Virgin coconut oil is made without heating and one of the popular techniques used is cold pressed. This non-heating processing process keeps the nutrients in the VCO maintained. The nutritional content that can be found in VCO such as lauric acid, omega 6, vitamin E and also good fats. This nutritions provides many benefits for the health of the body. a. Lauric Acid Lauric acid is commonly found in breast milk, but it turns out that lauric acid is also found as one of the ingredients in VCO. Lauric acid is proven to increase the body’s immunity and fight viruses and bacteria that enter the body. b. Omega 6 Talking about omega 6, of course, will be closely related to our brain health. This Omega 6 if consumed by infants and children is proven to support brain growth. If omega 6 is consumed by adults, it certainly helps to maintain brain health. c. Vitamin E One of the well-known benefits of VCO is its benefits for skin and hair care and health. One that is quite popular is that it can help eliminate stretchmarks in pregnant women. d. Good fat The good fat content in VCO is very good for consumption by babies who are about to start their solid food. This good fat is proven to be one of the ingredients that must be on the MPASI menu so that your little one’s daily nutrition is maintained during this MPASI period.

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