Virgin Coconut Oil for Babies and Children

So far, virgin coconut oil is not commonly associated with the health of the little one. But now, it seems that this mindset must be removed and abandoned. Because it turns out, this virgin coconut oil has a lot of goodness that is needed for your little one. Research proves that Virgin Coconut Oil can be consumed by the Little One at the age of 6 months and over. This is very possible because Virgin Coconut Oil is made from 100% virgin coconut oil which is produced from whole coconuts and through a cold-pressed process so that the nutritional content is maintained. One of the ingredients contained in VCO is Lauric Acid which can reach +/_ 51.7%. The lauric acid found in VCO is the same as that found in breast milk. Lauric acid is proven to be effective in increasing the body’s immunity and fighting viruses and bacteria in the body. During this pandemic, Lauric Acid is certainly needed to maintain the immune system. Omega 6 is a nutrient needed to help your baby’s brain development and is also found in Virgin Coconut Oil. Maximum child brain growth will certainly help the Little One to be comfortable in learning and able to absorb knowledge well. Virgin Coconut Oil is also a good source of fat for children. When your little one starts to eat weaning food, it is necessary to pay attention to the intake of good fats for the little one, so that the development of the little one’s weight can be adjusted accordingly. Well, the source of this good fat can be obtained from Virgin Coconut Oil. This Virgin Coconut Oil from Concos Indonesia, can be given directly to your little one, mixed with milk or juice, or used to cook baby food.

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