Why Virgin Coconut Oil from Concos Indonesia Different?

Virgin coconut oil often referred to as “miracle oil”. This is because there are so many benefits that can be obtained from this virgin coconut oil. Using natural ingredients without a mixture of other ingredients, Virgin Coconut Oil can be used by small children and adults. In general, virgin coconut oil is widely known for skin care, cooking, and also consumed directly. However, consuming VCO directly is not very popular among the public, because many VCOs in circulation have a very strong oil taste, leave residue in the throat, and a pungent coconut aroma. However, virgin coconut oil from Concos Indonesia is different. VCO from Concos Indoensa is delicious for direct consumption. To get Virgin Coconut Oil that is suitable for direct consumption, it cannot be done using traditional processing with heating methods which is use heating methods. because this heating method can make a lot of nutrients lost because it is heated, besides the taste and aroma produced is quite pungent and leaves a mark on the throat. Of course Concos Indonesia does not use this traditional process in producing Virgin coconut oil. Adopting an up-to-date processing system using centrifugal methods and modern machines, virgin coconut oil made by Concos Indonesia has a mild aroma, mild taste and does not leave a trace on the throat. So that VCO from Concos Indonesia is very convenient to be consumed directly or used as a mixture into drinks to be consumed. With the best quality, virgin coconut oil from Concos Indonesia already has BPOM, HALAL, and ISO 2020 certificates.

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